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Project Bet@ Template for WordPress

The Project Bet@ Template is a stylish, minimalistic WordPress theme. You may download, alter and redistribute it as you like. However, if you are going to make changes to it, please keep in mind the following requests:

  • In the CSS file, please give the theme two authors – Jack Durrant and yourself.
  • In footer.php, please leave the notice at the bottom saying that this site uses the Project Bet@ Template.

If you do not follow these requests, I will not take any action. However, those two requests are not much for a free theme and even though I am not publishing this with copyright, I still think that I deserve credit for making the theme.

Please keep in mind that if you use this theme on your main site without making any changes to it, your email address will be displayed publicly. I will not accept responsibility for spam emails in your inbox.

As you can tell from the name of the theme, it is a beta and always will be a beta. That means that while it can be used, you should expect to find problems with it. If you find a problem, you can Email me or write your problem down in the comments. If I get enough emails and comments, I could add a “known issues” section to this blog post.


Known Issues

  • The font size for the navigation is quite large, which could result in two navigation bars if there are too many links, which would take away from the clean look.
  • Embedded YouTube videos only have rounded corners on the preview screen, and only when the user has enabled the HTML5 video player.
  • Lists on the website look a bit crowded, as there is no spacing between list item elements. This problem will be fixed in version 2012.2.
  • In the comments section of a blog post, comments that can be edited have edit links with brackets around them, which takes away from the clean look. This can drive users mad and is one of the main reasons for version 2012.2 still being in development.
  • Some of the CSS properties in this theme may be incompatible with older Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, still one of the most widely used browsers in Windows.
  • The template is not optimized for smartphones or larger displays. There is a mobile version of the template that you can try out on your phone, but it is still very much a work in progress. I hope to sort out CSS for both the desktop and mobile sites in version 2012.2, but that is not a promise.


  • 2012.2 – 11/09/2012 – Coming soon! This update is still in development.
    • New, cleaner look
    • Added links to the bottom for contact, admin tools and the homepage
    • More visible search bar, still with a clean look to it
    • Custom comments template added, future changes possible
    • Hopefully mobile compatibility (No promises yet, but this feature will be added eventually…)
  • 2012.1.7 – 26/06/2012
    • Added padding to #wrapper for better viewing on tablets and smaller computer monitors
    • Removed list tags from top navigation
  • 2012.1.6 – 24/06/2012
    • Added proper borders to input boxes to make them more visible
  • 2012.1.5 – 24/06/2012
    • Fixed incorrect rounded corners for share buttons in Really Simple Share
  • 2012.1.4 – 24/06/2012
    • The theme now has a screenshot thumbnail
  • 2012.1.3 – 24/06/2012
    • Added rounded corners to more elements in blog posts
  • 2012.1.2 – 24/06/2012
    • Fixed threaded comments
  • 2012.1.1 – 24/06/2012
    • Updated Theme URI
  • 2012.1 – 24/06/2012
    • Released

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Click OS

Click OS is a basic user interface created in Microsoft Visual Basic. I could only write this program for Microsoft Windows  because I created it in Visual Basic. I used Visual Basic because it is really simple and at the same time, it allows me to do what I want. However, to be honest, I don’t think Mac and Linux users are missing out on much by not having access to Click OS. It is actually a program to improve the user experience of Microsoft Windows on netbooks. Click here or on the link at the beginning of this entry to download Click OS.

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