Smartphones With Big Screens

HTC OneIn recent years, smartphones have been getting bigger and bigger. In 2010, most flagship smartphones had screens between 3.7″ and 4″, and 4.3″ was considered huge. Today, most smartphones have screens reaching towards 5″, and many smartphones are exceeding that screen size. Now, 4.3″ is considered small.

Many people like smartphones with bigger screens, and I can see why. My Nexus 4 has a 4.7″ screen, and it is excellent for typing on. With the high resolution, it is also great for watching videos. Still, every time someone makes a bigger smartphone, I ask myself, how far are we going with this?

One-handed use isn’t too bad with my Nexus 4 when I’m scrolling through lists, but it could be better. When I’m holding my phone normally, reaching the home button or the notification bar is a bit of a stretch, and I have to move my phone a little bit to reach the top left corner or the back button.

I think Apple have the right idea with screen sizes. The iPhone 5S ┬áhas a 4″ display, and Apple only increased this from 3.5″ to give the iPhone a 16:9 aspect ratio. The keyboard is still great to type on, and if you really need a bigger screen to watch movies on, you can get an iPad, or you can just turn on the TV.

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