LG Optimus GT540 Review

While the LG Optimus GT540 isn’t sold in the Carphone Warehouse any more, it can be bought from Amazon for around £120 and it is a good phone for someone who wants to get to know the Android operating system. While it is a very cheap phone and doesn’t have very high specs, it has many of the features found in a higher end smartphone. It has access to the Android Market and it can also be upgraded to Android 2.1. While that is quite an old version of Android, it still makes a great phone, with support for live wallpapers. However, out of the box, it is running Android 1.6.

The LG Optimus GT540 isn’t perfect in every way. As mentioned in the first paragraph, it doesn’t have the power of a higher end smartphone. It has a 600MHz processor with 154MB RAM and very little internal storage, the only place where applications can be installed, a 3″ HVGA resistive touchscreen and a really cheap feeling body. The battery life is also not as good as I would like it to be, with the phone moaning about low battery before getting through a full day of usage. Another problem with this phone is that with the hardware, it is very slow and unstable. When I am scrolling through a news article in the browser, the scrolling is very jumpy. There is a delay when I unlock the phone before it shows the homescreen. It also doesn’t have a proximity sensor which means when I am making a phone call, I am able to accidentally press the on screen buttons with my face. I got a new phone within six months of getting this phone for Christmas.

However, the LG GT540 is a great phone for someone who can tolerate the delays and crashing on the phone or for someone who intends to do Internet browsing mostly in applications from the Android market or on websites specifically designed for smartphones. It has a great price tag and because it was my first Android phone, it was the phone that convinced me that Android phones are better than iPhones and convinced me to have a look at the phones made by HTC. It was the phone that convinced me to buy the HTC Desire S, which I plan to do a review on later.

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