Life Blog 25/12/2011 – Christmas is here!

Christmas is here! With my sick sense of humour, I would usually embed a parody of a Christmas song by the Amateur Transplants but I just figured anything to get rid of that depressing blog entry about abortions and I will never get bored of this song. After all, it is Christmas. I personally don’t believe on God. I am an atheist. However, I still tell everyone to thank Jesus Christ for Christmas. If it wasn’t for that liar, (Sorry if I offended any Christians, but that’s what Atheists believe) I’d still be at school and I would have had to wait a little longer for that holiday to America. I also got a movie for Christmas. Bad Santa is hilarious! For my younger audience, it is a little sick but by the time you turn 15, it should be fine.

I’ve received a couple of text messages from people wishing me Merry Christmas. That’s right – SMS type text messages. I replied to one of them on Twitter and to the other on Facebook because that’s what no-life computer geeks do. I hope to get a bit of iTunes credit for Christmas to buy some software for my Mac. I don’t know why they still call it iTunes… But I got a bit of iTunes credit when I was in America. I had to make an American iTunes account, but now I have iWork on my Mac and I will be able to stop using that netbook running Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Office. As a Mac user, Windows drives me mad.

I don’t know how I’m managing to write a blog post about Christmas with three paragraphs. This is when I know I don’t have a life. But I love being a no-life computer geek, because I can work on my Bet@ project at with lots of HTML and CSS code. If you want to find out what the Bet@ project is, the link should open up in a new tab, or a new window if you have an older Internet browser. But I think I’m finished with that paragraph. It should be big enough to hide that blog entry about abortions and for people with really huge computer monitors, I can always hide that post from the home page.

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