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My Thoughts On The iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Another thing I would have liked to see with the new iPhone is more of an iPod Touch design. What I mean is, the design Apple decided to go with is not consistent with the rest of Apple’s products. Apple’s MacBooks have a silver and black design with a curved top, while the iPhone has a black and slate design with a squared back. It doesn’t look bad, but it is not consistent with other Apple products.

Another problem with the iPhone 5 is the name of it. It is a fairly small problem, and in many ways, it makes sense. However, this iPhone is the sixth generation and calling it the iPhone 5 doesn’t logically make sense. A lot of people think Apple called this phone the iPhone 5 because everyone already knows what the iPhone 5 is. However, I think Apple decided on that name because they had a go at making an iPhone 5 last year and failed, so this year, they decided to try again.

Posted on Saturday 15th September 2012 - 1 comment